5 Reasons to Love a Sunday Roast

We have recently re-introduced our Sunday Roast and it got us thinking – what makes a traditional Sunday roast so cockle-warmingly wonderful?

We chatted to our guests who swear that crispy roast potatoes and the cheesiest Cauliflower Cheese are the way to their hearts, and sure-fire way to hit all our happy buttons.

There’s a lot to love about a good old fashioned Sunday Roast, but we’ve whittled it down to our top five reasons to indulge this Sunday.

1. Great Way to End the Week

You work bloody hard – it’s vital to have downtime. Having someone cook a big, fat Sunday lunch for you (with all the trimmings, please and thank you) is something of self care. Not having to do the washing up, or open the wine, is the icing on the cake – wouldn’t you say?

Booking yourself a table at your fave pub (that’s us) in advance gives you something to work towards. It is the proverbial dangling carrot that is guaranteed to see you skipping through the week. 


2. It’s Good For You

Speaking of dangly carrots (ooh-er) Sunday lunch is best when it’s an absolute veg fest.

OK, OK, so there are elements of your roast that are considered a treat (we’re looking at your Yorkies) but if you look at the ratio of meat & potato vs seasonal veggies, then we reckon the whole plate balances out as a nutritional win (hooray!)

3. Super Sunday Sides

So, there is a feast on plate already, but who can resist a couple of keep-em-coming side dishes? 

Uber-cheesy cauliflower cheese, extra bowls of pigs in duvets and as much stuffing as you can handle. Ramekins of English mustard, mint sauce, horseradish and cranberry sauce bejewel the table scrumptiously.

4.Cosy Vibes

The spot next to the open fire just has to be the finest seat in the house. Our beloved regular’s eyes light up when they see it’s free, and gleefully skip to bask in the fires glorious glow. It’s the perfect place to relax, enjoy a mulled wine, and comfortably toast in your best festive knitwear.

5. Steeped in Tradition

Your hug-yourself happiness at the thought of a proper Sunday Roast might be rooted in your happy childhood memories (or it might be a tradition you’ve started yourself) but there is no doubt that it’s a part of British life and culture that is a blessing. And one we want to keep alive – each and every week.